TIE & Art Curriculums

TIE & Arts in the Curriculum

We are the go to people for tackling prevalent PSHE subject matters such as knife crime, criminal exploitation, and inclusion through theatre in education and arts workshops.

All of our Theatre in Education packages align with the PSHE curriculum.

Our projects are based on in-depth research into young people’s needs and PSHE requirements.

We specialise in adapting existing projects or creating bespoke programmes to ensure your individual PSHE needs are met.

Theatre in Education Projects

Since 1992 we have predominantly been a Theatre In Education Company. TIE is an applied form of theatre and our previous projects have included:

Topic: Knife Crime

Cutting Ties is an interactive Theatre in Education program that educates young people on the facts about knife crime, the risks and the reasons as to why young people carry knives.

Endorsed by:

Topic: Further Education & Careers

Commissioned by the Princes Trust, this interactive TIE piece allows young people to reflect on their journey through school: assessing each decision and the affect that could have on the rest of their lives.

Commissioned by:

Topic: LGBTQ+ Community

Putting a STOP to homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying through an interactive Theatre in Education performance that dispels myths, stereotypes and preconceptions surrounding people of the LGBTQ+ community.

Endorsed by:

Topic: Sexual Health

Keep It Between Us is an interactive Theatre in Education programme which focuses on the facts, and dispels the myths, of sexual health.

Discussion includes:
• What STIs are
• How STIs are contracted
• The symptoms of an STI
• How STI's are treated
• Contraception and question the myths that are often mistaken as facts

Topic: Parliament & Democracy

Working in collaboration with Parliament's Education Service, Round Midnight developed the "Make It Count" programme; an hour long interactive performance for years 7-9 which educates young people about parliament, democracy, active citizenship and British Values.

The piece covers:
• UK Parliament timeline
• Modern day politics
• Local elections and voting
• What it means to be an Active Citizen
• Campaigning

Developed in partnership with:

Topic: Risk Taking Behaviour

Wrecked explores the dangers of binge drinking and the consequences of risk taking behaviour, even in a trusted circle.

Some of the issues raised:
• Peer Pressure
• Binge Drinking
• Substance Abuse
• Risk-taking Behaviour
• Consent
• Friendship
• Gang culture
• Aggressive behaviour

Bespoke Packages:

Round Midnight offer various programmes, projects and workshops to both Primary and Secondary Schools to enhance the current curriculum.

Arts in the Curriculum

School Projects

At Round Midnight, we take pride in our ability to bring classrooms to life through theatre and the creative arts. Whether you're looking to start a Drama Clubs, Choir, or host a Christmas Play, Round Midnight can run these sessions to benefit your pupils and enrich their performance skills.

We also have expertise in developing curriculum based workshops. Through the use of drama and creative arts we can bring the classroom to life in all aspects of learning for both primary and secondary schools.

As well as the secondary school PSHE topics we've covered in the TIE programmes listed above, we've developed and delivered numerous projects for primary schools based on:

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