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Providing the highest quality creative arts projects to schools all over the world

Over the past five years, we at Round Midnight have expanded our work from the UK overseas into International Schools. Our mission is to provide the highest quality creative arts projects to schools all over the world, so that all young people have the opportunity to learn through creativity. With our drama workshops and arts festivals any subject in any classroom can be brought to life!

As we do in the UK, Round Midnight create bespoke programmes of work, tailored to each International school’s specific needs. We create topic-based creative arts workshops in order to develop and enhance the curriculum, whether it be part of a week of one-off acting workshops, or a fortnights worth of creating a full performance – whatever it is, we can create it!

International School

Wellington College Arts Festival

Every year, Wellington College, Shanghai host an Arts Festival, inviting artists from all over the world to teach themed workshops at their school.


“They challenge themselves to get outside of their comfort zones and actually, they learn things about themselves, their peers and about people from outside of their school as well”
Kerry Coburn, Festival Coordinator
Discussing the benefit of the workshops

We work with students of all ages on a chosen theme, creating and rehearsing a professional large scale performance… in just 4 days!

Themes include:


Round Midnight have built strong relationships with various International Schools, so much so that we are invited back time and time again!

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Outside of developing the performance, Round Midnight also teach theme-based workshops to younger students in the Prep School. We use drama games to encourage performer skills, confidence and enhance literacy and language skills. 


We dedicate a drama session to working with parents of pupils to illustrate the work we have been conducting with their children, which is always fun and beneficial to the home/school connection.

In 2017, Round Midnight’s co-Director Claire Downes, also attended the Arts Festival at Wellington to teach Acting for Camera workshops. Having been in the film industry for two decades, Claire was able to bring a juxtaposing technique for the children which taught them the difference between acting for stage and acting for film.

Creative Training programmes


China Tour 2018

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If you would like to learn more about our projects, take a look at our International Program!

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