EdTech Projects

EdTech Projects

Round Midnight have always been at the forefront of creative education and have recently made the natural progression into EdTech. From developing ground breaking Virtual Reality films and creating Virtual Platforms, to using technology in creative and innovative ways for the purpose of education, Round Midnight have become synonymous with ingenious EdTech.

Previous Projects include:


LINK-UP is a new digital platform to “bring people together, to learn together”, at a distance, in a shared experience format, to encourage young people to think for themselves. LINK-UP is a unique engagement tool that combines interactive decision based drama with Personal Social & Health Education (PSHE) in schools and at home.

By developing a new digital format whereby young people watch Round Midnight’s ground breaking film Virtual_Decisions and interact with a live host, they are able to explore topics of significant challenge, in a safe space, whether this be in their classrooms or from the comfort of their own homes.

Using the Virtual_Decisions film allows young people to explore peer pressure; positive vs negative role models; joint enterprise; loyalty vs snitching; grooming; criminal exploitation and keeping yourself safe. These topics can be incredibly difficult for young people to discuss openly, but the LINK_UP programme creates a safe, anonymous, space for participants to share their thoughts and perhaps their concerns around these challenging issues. 

Live Facilitation

Unlike other theatre based digital projects, LINK_UP involves live facilitation and a high level of interactivity.


Unlike other remote digital platforms, LINK_UP is designed to be interactive so that participants can engage with important PSHE topics.


PSHE Specific

LINK_UP is a platform designed to open up virtual discussions about tough subject matters in the PSHE curriculum. 


LINK_UP will help PSHE educators to adapt to a changing climate. This digital platform allows participants to engage with PSHE topics both at home, and at school.


During the research for LINK_UP we welcomed remote discussions with educators – from June to September 2020 – to further explore topics young people find challenging and to assess teaching approaches to ensure LINK_UP’s relevancy and impact. 


Whilst the LINK_UP programme was in development, we worked very closely with our project partners at BDH Immersive in order to make sure that both the brand new technology and the content were ready for audiences.

Live Trials

LINK_UP was trialed with focus groups across February and March of 2021. Feedback and results were sent back to the funders and we look forward to announcing the next step for this project when possible. 

Combining Theatre with Technology to support PSHE Educators

LINK_UP Learning Objectives:

Learning Objective One: To recognise the influence others have over us

Outcomes: The participants will be able to:

  • Discuss their understanding of positive vs negative role models and peer pressure
  • Explain how to spot the signs of a negative role model
  • Teach others how to spot  the red flags  of negative role models (i.e. signs grooming and intentions behind a friendship) and discuss these influences with adults/positive figures

Learning Objective Two: To recognise the risk of technology in our social circles

Outcomes: The participants will be able to:

  • Discuss their understanding of joint enterprise
  • Explain how to use their tech for good in risk taking situations (reporting incidents without the fear of “snitching”)
  • Teach others about joint enterprise and raise awareness around the filming and sharing of harmful content as a criminal act

Learning Objective three: To recognise the skills it takes to 'keep yourself safe'

Outcomes: The participants will be able to:

  • Discuss their understanding of what it takes to ‘keep yourself safe’, particularly in a risk taking environment 
  • Explain the signs of criminal exploitation 
  • Teach others the tools it takes to ‘keep yourself safe’ as a young person
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