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What is Virtual_Decisions?

Virtual_Decisions is an innovative and exciting VR in Education program that is helping to support thousands of young people who are at risk of criminal exploitation.

Virtual Decisions films enable participants to experience multiple dilemmas and illustrate the impacts of choices. Participants can experience the consequences of their decisions through the use of high-end VR headsets, which incorporate haptic feedback and 180˚ social interaction to immerse participants in unique scenarios.

Following the VR experience, expert facilitators then run creative arts workshops that explore the issues raised in more depth. In this empathetic space, users can reflect on their personal journey within the VR and compare it to that of others, making it a user-led – and user shared – experience.

The productions use real-world actors aged 14 – 25 to give authenticity; the scripts are based on extensive research; the outcomes speak for themselves.

Choose your own path virtual reality experiences.

Tackling real world issues in real world scenarios, in the safety of an educational experience. 

Technology that serves purpose and inspires change.

Current Virtual_Decisions Programmes

Virtual_Decisions: Virtual Reality Film tackling gang culture
Your friends Jay and Tishana have invited you to hang out with a new crowd. You’re desperate to fit in and impress them, but how far are you willing to go to be one of them?
Virtual_Decisions: Virtual Reality Film tackling knife crime
Your friend Reece was recently jumped and now he is talking about “protecting himself”. What kind of advice will you give to him and what does that advice mean for your virtual journey…

Virtual Reality Experience

Short Virtual Reality Experience in which participants can anonymously make decisions about how they would react in certain situations.


The VIRTUAL_DECISIONS program includes follow on workshops that have been designed to specifically address the needs of the client who is using the program.

Follow on Materials

We provide follow on materials for teachers and parents to ensure the longevity of the project.

Built on Research

Target group research was carried out with 1200 young people in schools and youth clubs via workshops, creative consultation and questionnaire.

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young people

This research enabled us to understand what young people felt a VR experience for social good should be about. The majority believed that risk taking behaviour was a good umbrella subject that could have many offshoots looking at different issues affecting young people. 

The findings were then used by Dr Stephanie Burnett Heyes of The University of Birmingham’s School of Psychiatry. Dr Burnett Heyes worked with scriptwriters Phil Hyde and Claire Downes to create a relevant and impactful script.

Virtual Decisions Research Project: University of Birmingham

Partners and Clients of

Virtual_Decisions: Virtual Reality Film tackling gang culture
Virtual_Decisions: Virtual Reality Film tackling knife crime

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