Virtual Decisions Featured on BBC’s Crimewatch LIVE

National Child Exploitation Awareness Day

Empowering Young People Through VR and Raising Awareness on National Exploitation Awareness Day

As many of you may have “caught”, we were recently featured on BBC’s Crimewatch LIVE! Our co-founders, Claire and Stuart, had the opportunity to showcase the power of virtual reality (VR) in empowering young people to make positive choices, particularly relevant today,  National Exploitation Awareness Day, March 18th.

The interview highlighted Virtual_Decisions: KNIVES, our immersive VR experience that tackles the complex issues surrounding the knife crime epidemic we’re facing across the UK. Claire and Stuart demonstrated how the programme places young people in realistic scenarios, allowing them to navigate potential conflicts and witness the devastating consequences of carrying a weapon, without ever witnessing any violence. This powerful tool fosters empathy, critical thinking, and ultimately, helps young people choose a different path through a trauma-informed lens.

But the impact of VR goes beyond our team’s explanation. The episode, which aired live from the BBC studios in Cardiff on Wednesday 6th March, also featured James, a representative from Cardiff Youth Service, who shared his experience using Virtual_Decisions: GANGS across the Cardiff area. James spoke about the programme’s effectiveness in engaging young people and sparking crucial conversations about gang culture and its associated risks, which can be a gateway to exploitation.

On National Exploitation Awareness Day, we stand united against all forms of exploitation, including child exploitation. VR can be a powerful tool in this fight, by equipping young people with the knowledge and confidence to identify and avoid risky situations.

We’re driven by the belief that VR can be a powerful force for good. By creating immersive and relatable experiences, we equip young people with the knowledge and confidence to navigate challenging situations and make informed decisions.

The BBC Crimewatch LIVE feature is a testament to the impact VR can have on youth crime prevention and exploitation awareness. We are committed to working alongside organisations like the Cardiff Youth Service to empower young people and build safer communities.

Here are some key takeaways from the BBC Crimewatch LIVE feature:

  • Virtual Decisions: KNIVES and GANGS offer young people a safe space to explore the realities of knife crime and gang culture, which can be linked to exploitation.
  • VR fosters empathy, critical thinking, and helps young people make positive choices, reducing their vulnerability to exploitation.
  • Youth services across the UK are utilising Virtual_Decisions programmes to empower young people and reduce crime and exploitation.

If you’re interested in learning more about a Virtual_Decisions experience, and how VR can make a difference contact us today.

Together, let’s create a future where young people have the tools they need to thrive and are safe from exploitation.

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