Redefining Healthcare Engagement for Young People: Announcing Virtual_Decisions: IDENTITY

Virtual_Decisions: IDENTITY Cast 2024


Virtual Decisions Creators Collaborate with Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust on Innovative VR Health Assessment Tool for Young People

[Birmingham, 19.02.2024] – The creators of Virtual Decisions are excited to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with The Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (MPFT) to develop Virtual_Decisions: IDENTITY, a revolutionary choose-your-own-path Virtual Reality experience designed as an assessment tool for health and wellbeing for young people across the region.

From conceptualisation to months of dedicated research, casting, rehearsal, shooting, and editing, Virtual_Decisions: IDENTITY represents a pioneering approach to healthcare. The project, spearheaded by professional writers of TV and film, features a talented cast of young individuals and was researched in collaboration with young people across the Midlands. Produced by award-winning VR filmmakers, this project is poised to transform the way young people engage with health services.

Writer and Director of the Virtual_Decisions experiences, Claire Downes, expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “It has been a privilege to work alongside the MPFT team. They’re passionate and insightful, and to work with them on a project that holds the potential to help young people access healthcare in a new and engaging way was a joy for our whole team. We have worked diligently to ensure that this user-centred piece of tech can be utilised to enable conversation, rather than replace the healthcare professional.”

Downes further emphasised the goal of gaining real insights into the world of young people, aiming to better direct them to relevant services and, ultimately, positively impact their lives. The project focuses on using technology to stimulate valuable conversations while ensuring that it complements real-life communication rather than replacing it.

Children and Young People’s Operational Lead, Nicola Forster, commented, “We have relished the opportunity to work in collaboration to develop VD:ID, ensuring at each stage of the process that the needs of our cohort of children are identified. This has ensured that the end product is representative of the children who will use this tool and will support in the identification and further exploration of the needs of such a vulnerable cohort”.

Key Highlights of Virtual_Decisions: IDENTITY:

– Pioneering healthcare approach through Virtual Reality

– Written by professional writers, performed by a talented young cast

– Researched with input from young people across the Midlands

– Produced by award-winning VR filmmakers

Target Audience:

This press release is aimed at health professionals, tech reviewers, digital/tech experts, and educators interested in innovative approaches to healthcare and technology.

Upcoming Premiere and Trial Period:

The film is currently in a trial period with the MPFT team, and plans for its premiere to the cast and crew will be revealed shortly. Further details about the project’s future plans will be disclosed post-trial.


Virtual_Decisions: IDENTITY is set to redefine the landscape of healthcare engagement for young people. As a person-centred business that leverages technology to foster meaningful connections, the Virtual_Decisions universe aims to create immersive experiences that not only engage but also enable the facilitation of crucial conversations surrounding health and wellbeing.

For further information or media inquiries, please contact:

Jessica Melia

Head of Digital Communication

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