Hello, we are Round Midnight LTD

We are Round Midnight, a multi award-winning Birmingham-based creative arts and ed-tech company.  We tackle important subjects within personal, social, and health education using a unique combination of creative arts and virtual reality.
Our ethos is to challenge the status quo and communicate complex issues through the arts and technology.

We create bespoke packages that meet your individual school or organisation’s needs.

We deliver topics and focus areas for both Primary and Secondary Schools, as well as FE providers, and are invested in innovative practices that best engage participants.

Since 1992, we have worked with over 200,000 young people and ran projects in Birmingham, across the UK, and internationally.

Our small yet dedicated team love building productive relationships with children and young people and take pride in our ability to establish strong connections with schools and organisations across the UK.

We are called back time and time again to enhance the curriculum, deliver PSHE and Citizenship programs, and run training/CPD packages. We must be doing something right.

What makes Round Midnight special?

We have a strong relationship with many schools and organisations throughout Birmingham and across the globe. We love communicating with different schools to create unique pieces, and working alongside schools to gather important research and insight.

We are able to create highly bespoke pieces that align with your individual interests or concerns. We can adapt pre-existing projects or develop an entirely new program that caters to your needs. This flexibility offers the best learning experience for all involved. 

We understand the importance of research to gain insight into the topics matter most to young people, and how best to engage them. In the past, we have worked and partnered with various prestigious companies and institutes, including University of Birmingham, and multiple schools throughout the U.K to gather important research. 

We are always thinking of new and innovative ways to approach Theatre in Education and support the PSHE curriculum. To engage the young people of today, we must stay relevant and reactive to changing times. Take a look at our PSHE through Technology programs for more information.

We offer a range of creative projects. We deliver Theatre in Education programs closely aligned with the PSHE curriculum, creative arts projects with a variety of age groups, engaging training programs, and innovate technology with theatre projects. So if you have an idea about something out of the box, we would love to hear from you!

We are a small theatre company doing big things. At the heart of everything we do is a focus on helping educators and supporting young people. We love what we do, and this shows in every single meeting, programme, and performance. 

Meet the Team

We say a team but, in reality, we are a family, always looking to use our extensive knowledge of creative arts and education to support others. 

Claire and Stuart formed Round Midnight in 1992 and managed the company until 2012. During this time they established Round Midnight as one of the most highly regarded Theatre and Drama in Education organisations in Birmingham.

Due to their experience in high quality script-writing for young people and communities, they have since established themselves within the film and television industry.

Claire and Stuart have worked on various TV and film projects such as BBC, ITV network, and Sky. However, Claire and Stuart are still at the forefront of everything that Round Midnight does. Using their expertise, they continue to work in young people’s education and aid in developing our international programs. 

Phil Hyde

Creative Manager

Phil began working with Round Midnight in 2006 quickly becoming the heart of the company and central to everything Round Midnight does.

Phil is the Creative Manager and has a vast skillset across the creative arts, with his main strengths lying in script writing, directing, and workshop facilitation.

Phil has engaged with thousands of clients, adults and young people during his time at Round Midnight. His ability to build an instant rapport with people has enabled him to find effective solutions to their needs and requirements.

His wealth of experience means that Phil is able to develop new and innovative projects and deliver them to Round Midnight’s high standards. As the co-creator of the innovative Virtual_Decisions program, Phil has co-developed a one of a kind virtual reality experience and is looking to build upon on this new venture.

Phil’s aim is to have a positive impact on people’s lives using the arts and make them smile in the process.

Sami Cornick

Development manager

When Sami began as a freelance drama and music facilitator in 2009, Round Midnight recognised her potential, specifically her musical and creative talents, and realised she would be integral to the growth of the company.

Sami has extensive experience in developing and delivering exciting arts projects for children and young people, particularly through Theatre, Drama and VR in Education. In her ten years at Round Midnight, Sami has been at the forefront of the company’s progression, using her skills as a script writer, director, vocal coach and creative educationist to expand their work across the UK and into the Chinese market.

In recent years, Sami has focused on developing creative PSHE programs and early intervention methods to help young people in their crucial adolescent years. She has built strong relationships with schools and organisations and continues to work hands on with young people across the country.

Sami is currently working on the development of a new and exciting ’Tech For Good’ program using a blend of theatre, VR, and innovative digital solutions.

Jess Melia

Head of Digital Communication

Jess began working for Round Midnight in 2018 as an Actor and Facilitator. During the next two years Jess toured multiple Theatre In Education pieces covering a range of different PSHE topics.

In 2020, with Theatre In Education tours on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  Jess began a new role with the company as the Social Media Content Creator. 

Always seeking to learn and develop new skills, in early 2022 Jess’ role within the company evolved once more and she is now the companies Head of Digital Communication. Not only does Jess create our social media content and manage our marketing, amongst other responsibilities, Jess also develops and curates the content for our dedicated Virtual_Decisions Instagram pages. 

Jess is looking forward to continuing her ever developing journey with Round Midnight: a company with an ethos and drive she is proud to be associated with.

Dom Thompson

Lead Facilitator

Dom began working with Round Midnight as a freelance Actor and Facilitator shortly after graduating with a First Class Degree in Acting from Bath Spa University in 2016. 

Dom’s passion for his community; deep understanding of the topics covered in our PHSE programmes and virtual reality workshops; and his natural rapport with young people means that he is a highly successful, impactful and respected facilitator. 

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