Round Midnight Ltd is an award-winning creative arts company. 

We create original work using EdTech for schools, alternative provisions, and organisations that work with young people. 

We offer a range of virtual reality workshops and creative PSHE curriculums that are designed to transform your students’ learning experience while tackling important social issues. Our youth engagement programs promote mental wellbeing and social responsibility, while also addressing critical issues such as knife crime. 

As the UK’s leading providers of immersive virtual reality workshops, bespoke curricula development, and teacher training sessions, our team based in Birmingham works with schools across the UK. Whether you’re looking for school workshops that inspire creativity and innovation or you need a partner to help you develop bespoke curricula that address social issues like knife crime, Round Midnight is here to help. Browse our range of school workshops today to learn more about our unique and engaging programs.”

We achieve 100% engagement.

“The virtual reality teaches you a life lesson. You’re not just reading about it or listening to someone talk about it. You’re living it. You’re actually there. You can’t teach that”
Press. Virtual Decisions headset
Year 9 Pupil

Creative and Bespoke Projects

We specialise in providing unique experiences and always deliver high impact projects.

Tackling Current Topics

By tackling complex social issues that young people face, including knife crime, youth violence and gang culture, we encourage an ongoing conversation in schools that stimulates real change in real communities.

Innovative Practices

With an eye on recent EDtech developments we look to build the latest innovative technological practices into our programmes.

Curriculum Support​

We bring new life to traditional lessons by using a range of creative art techniques, including role play, creative teaching and EdTech. Because of this, our approach to curriculum support is both refreshing and beneficial. 

Virtual Reality in Education

VR in Education is an innovative new way of learning that is fit for the modern age. By using immersive VR experiences and digital platforms young people are able to engage with social issues in exciting and powerful ways.

We love what we do.

Round Midnight were honoured at the 2023 Education Awards with the Innovation Award.

Winning this for their ground breaking series of Virtual_Decisions programmes, their subsequent educational and empowering workshops, the follow on bodies of learning, and their use of social media to engage young people after the VR experience is over. 

We’re proud and grateful to have been recognised in this way.

Digital City Awards 2021

Round Midnight gained the following three prestigious Digital City Awards at the Digital City Festival 2021 for our immersive VR programme, Virtual_Decisions: GANGS:

  • VR Project of the Year
  • Tech for Good Programme 
  • Best Use of Tech in Education
Innovation Awards 2021

Round Midnight were named Services Innovator of the Year 2021 at the  Innovation Awards.

This brand new range of awards have been founded to celebrate innovators and innovation champions across the UK.

It was an honour to be recognised alongside such esteemed companies.

And we are multi-award winning.

Bonus Round

Round Midnight’s Bonus Round is a behind the scenes podcast hosted by Eli Lane.

In conversation with people that have various connections to Round Midnight, Bonus Round is a celebration of collaborations via a good old chin wag.


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