Wrecked is an interactive Theatre in Education performance that looks at the dangers of binge drinking and consequences of risk-taking behaviour.


The performance follows three bored teenagers on a normal Friday night, but after ruling out the cinema or hanging out at home, they decide to go to the park with a big bottle of booze with every intention of getting “Wrecked”. As the friends get more intoxicated, thinking rationally goes out of the window. What will be the consequences of their actions?

Explores themes such as:

Battered- Theatre in Education


Following the 20 minute performance, the students are encouraged to address the issues in the piece with the characters, asking questions, gathering further information on their motivations and then offering them advice. 

Sections of the piece are replayed and students are able to change the actions of the characters, leading them to a more positive outcome. These techniques enable young people to critically think about situations and issues that may effect them, further helping them to make positive and safe choices in the real world.

“Year 10's were invited to watch a performance by Round Midnight which aimed to highlight the signs of risky behaviour and how to avoid these situations. Students thoroughly enjoyed taking an active role in guiding the performers through various risky scenarios in order to demonstrate how they could be avoided. Students commented on how well the scenarios were designed as they reflected "real life" situations that they recognised and could engage with. "
S. Kaur
PSHE Coordinator at Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy (December 2018)


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