Working with the West Midlands Violence Reduction Partnership with unique solution to target Knife Crime.


Round Midnight is an innovative UK-based arts and EdTech company dedicated to creating thought-provoking performances on important social issues such as knife crime.

Our cutting-edge Virtual_Decisions programme, a safe circle for learning, uses interactive VR technology to educate young people about the dangers of knife crime and gang violence in a trauma-informed way.

Virtual_Decisions offers young people an immersive experience where they can connect with real-life scenarios and make decisions that affect the outcome of the film. This programme educates them about the consequences of violent behaviour and empowers them to make positive choices in their own lives, fostering a safe community.

The West Midlands Violence Reduction Partnership

We support the efforts of our partner, the West Midlands Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP), which has been instrumental in bringing Virtual_Decisions to schools and organisations across the region. The West Midlands VRP is a collaborative initiative that brings together a range of agencies to tackle violence in the West Midlands. By working together with the VRP, we’ve become part of a collective mission to reach a large number of young people with this important message.

Impact on knife crime

A group of student researchers have been studying the impact of Round Midnight and the West Midlands Violence Reduction Partnership’s work together since November 2022. Their exploratory study aims to understand how Virtual_Decisions, as a knife crime educational tool presented through Virtual Reality, is changing young people’s understanding, attitudes, and beliefs about knife crime.

We’re thrilled to announce that Hayley Walton and Lea-Ann Bentley from the VRP have joined us on our podcast, Bonus Round. This collaboration is an essential part of the conversation about addressing complex social issues, a testament to what can be achieved when we work together.

At Round Midnight, we’re proud of the impact that our Virtual_Decisions programme has had in educating young people about the dangers of knife crime and gang violence. Our partnership with the West Midlands Violence Reduction Partnership has enabled us to connect and collectively reach a wide audience with the important messages that Virtual_Decisions embodies.

We invite you to become a part of our community and join us on this mission. Click the link below for our latest Bonus Round podcast episode with Hayley Walton and Lea-Ann Bentley, which promises to shed further light on this vital collaboration.