Round Midnight’s Virtual_Decisions Programmes Win Innovation Award at the 2023 Education Awards

Round Midnight wins the Innovation Award at the Education Awards 2023.

Round Midnight Ltd’s Virtual_Decisions programmes have been honored with the prestigious Innovation Award at the 2023 Education Awards. These interactive, multi-narrative VR programmes are designed to educate and engage young people on crucial topics such as risk-taking behavior, peer pressure, grooming, and criminal exploitation.

Revolutionizing Education Through Immersive Experiences:

By wearing a virtual reality headset, participants are transported into immersive VR films where they actively make decisions, each with its own set of consequences. These experiences empower young people to explore the potential outcomes of their choices in a safe and controlled environment.

Enhanced Learning with Aligned Curriculums:

The Virtual_Decisions programmes are aligned with schools’ PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, and Economic) curriculum and cover critical topics such as youth violence, grooming, empathy, consequences, loyalty, and conflict resolution. The cross-curriculum potential of Virtual_Decisions is boundless: it’s been used in literacy lessons across Birmingham and has become part of the embedded learning of students, not only promoting better decision-making skills among young people, but also encouraging empathetic creative writing projects, language acquisition and growth in emotional intelligence.

Positive Impact and Evaluation:

Extensive research, workshops, and consultations with young people have been integral to the development of Virtual_Decisions programmes. Feedback surveys and testimonials from schools and organisations have been overwhelmingly positive, with significant improvements noted in young people’s decision-making abilities and increased awareness of the consequences of negative behavior.

Case Study: Transforming Lives One Experience at a Time:

One inspiring case study from a school involved a student, M, who had limited knowledge of real-world issues and often dismissed them as unrealistic. However, through Virtual_Decisions, M’s engagement with the subject matter dramatically increased. He asked thought-provoking questions about the characters and their choices, reflecting a deep connection with the immersive VR experience. M’s transformation was evident when he recognized a similar grooming experience in his own life, leading to a shift in his attitude towards potentially dangerous situations. His positive feedback and request for more programmes like Virtual_Decisions highlight the profound impact these experiences can have on young minds.

Looking Ahead: Continuous Innovation and Research:

Round Midnight remains committed to ongoing research and evaluation of Virtual_Decisions to ensure its continued effectiveness and positive impact. Collaboration with renowned experts in psychiatry, such as Dr. Stephanie Burnett Heyes from the University of Birmingham, ensures that the programs align with the evolving needs and understanding of young people. The forthcoming two-year study conducted in partnership with the West Midlands Violence Reduction Partnership and the University of Birmingham will further explore the program’s ability to foster mindset changes and develop empathy among young participants.

Virtual_Decisions is a groundbreaking VR programme that is transforming education and empowering young people to make positive choices. The aligned curriculums, positive evaluations, and inspiring case studies all testify to the program’s remarkable impact on the lives of young individuals across the country. As Round Midnight continues to innovate and expand its reach, we can look forward to a brighter, safer future where Virtual_Decisions helps shape the decision-makers and leaders of tomorrow.