RM in The Houses Of Parliament!

Presenting Virtual_Decisions to MP's

Round Midnight are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have recently secured funding from the UK Parliament! 

For the next six months Round Midnight will be working alongside Parliament's Education Service (PES) to develop and tour a brand new Interactive Theatre in Education program called "Make It Count". The hour long interactive program for years 7-9, educates young people about parliament, democracy, active citizenship and British Values.

We will be reaching out to Secondary Schools across the Midlands to help spread PES's message of Parliament being a service that belongs to everyone. It is vital that all young people understand the importance of our democratic society and that it is "Yours, Ours, Evolving".

"Make It Count" is a FREE performance for all schools in the Midlands, but there is limited availability, so get in touch with us asap to book for your pupils!

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