Hopping along

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter and enjoyed at least a few days off!

We’re back in business here at Round Midnight. 

We’re in talks of this year’s Theatre Summer Schools  the 11-16 show is already in development and the 7-11 show will be sketched out by the end of today!  So get your diaries out and note down:

7-11 Theatre Summer School: 23rd – 27th July 

11 – 16 Theatre Summer School: 30th July – 3rd August. 

Josie and Phil will be filming again for their UFA film project on Thursday and Friday with three of our very talented Raw Talent members!

Finally, the tail end of this week will be spent tying up all the last bits and bobs in preparation for Raw Talent’s 11-16 show; “Acceptable in the 80’s” on Saturday 21st April at 7pm. 

Get yourselves down to Clifton Road Youth Centre for our fantastic show!