Bruntwood Team make Virtual_Decisions

Virtual Decisions - VR takes on PSHE Topics

Ealier this month members of the Bruntwood community team visited Icentrum and got the chance to try out Round Midnight Ltd’s Virtual_Decisions, a  ‘VR in Education‘ experience that places young people in realistic, real-life scenarios where they face dilemmas and opportunities to make their own decisions that result in multiple outcomes.

Members of the team commented that the experience, which looks at gang culture, was extremely realistic.

Community Engagement Manager Stefanie Eynon said ‘We were having our monthly meeting here at IB this month and I thought it nice to show off some of the work going on here to provide them a further understanding of some of the companies based here.’

Round Midnight are supported by Barclays Eagle Labs.

For further information about Virtual_Decisions please contact