VIRTUAL_DECISIONS, an innovative educational tool that delivers real-life experiences for young people through the use of VR and creative arts, is thrilled to have moved into its new home at Icentrum, part of the Birmingham Innovation Campus, thanks to the support of Barclays Eagle Labs and Serendip Smart Incubator.

The move at the start of the new school year will allow VIRTUAL_DECISIONS to grow and develop its groundbreaking programme of PSHE workshops for schools and other educational establishments.

Icentrum, Holt Street, Birmingham

VIRTUAL_DECISIONS was created in partnership with Bristol-based BAFTA winning Production Company BDH IMMERSIVE to investigate how the immersive medium of virtual reality can be used to examine challenging situations. The VR experience places the participants in realistic scenarios where they face a dilemma and must make their own choices which can result in over 3000 outcomes.

Project Director Phil Hyde says ‘Moving to Icentrum is a tremendous opportunity for us, not just because of the terrific buzz about the place but because of the help and expertise Barclays Eagle Labs will offer us to develop VIRTUAL_DECISIONS’.