VIRTUAL_DECISIONS: GANGS ™. This early intervention virtual reality programme for young people explores gang culture, criminal exploitation, and anti-social behaviour.


Virtual_Decisions: KNIVES   is an innovative and exciting VR in Education programme that is helping to support thousands of young people who are at risk of criminal exploitation.helping to support thousands of young people who are at risk of criminal exploitation.


Virtual_Decisions is a one-of-a-kind, innovative, exciting VR in Education program that is helping to support thousands of
young people who are at risk of criminal exploitation.

An multi-award winning VR in Education experience that deals with challenging situations. The VR experience places the participants in realistic scenarios where they face dilemmas and must make their own choices which result in various outcomes. Our trailblazing experience explores allows us to facilitate learning via the medium of interactive-VR and drama. Anonymous records of decisions made by the participants will be available in the follow-on workshops, to help the users learn from the shared experience.n 

Virtual Reality Experience

Multi-award winning Virtual Reality experience in which participants can anonymously make decisions about how they would react in certain situations.


The VIRTUAL_DECISIONS program includes follow on workshops that have been designed to specifically address the needs of the client who is using the program.

Follow on Materials

We provide follow on materials for teachers and parents to ensure the longevity of the project.


Target group research was carried out with 1200 young people in schools and youth clubs via workshops, creative consultation and questionnaire. This research enabled us to understand what young people felt a VR experience for social good should be about. The majority believed that risk taking behaviour was a good umbrella subject that could have many offshoots looking at different issues affecting young people. 

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young people

The findings were then used by Dr Stephanie Burnett Heyes of The University of Birmingham’s School of Psychiatry. Dr Burnett Heyes worked with scriptwriters Phil Hyde and Claire Downes to create a relevant and impactful script.

Our Clients

Greater Manchester Police

West Midlands Police

West Mercia Police

Youth Offending Teams

Family Support - Hammersmith and Fulham

Family Support Hammersmith and Fulham

Greater Manchester Violence Reduction Unit

Greater Manchester 

Violence Reduction Unit

Greater Manchester Magistrates Court