Get Out My Facebook

Get out my Facebook

Get Out My Facebook is an interactive performance and follow on workshop that explores cyber bullying and online safety.

Abbie Warren has received some hurtful backlash from a photo she posted online. Her Instagram account has had an influx of nasty and unnecessary comments from her peers, one of whom being Zoe, a girl in Abbie’s year at school who has just joined in with the “banter”.

Follow an interactive performance between Zoe and her teacher, who tries to convey the seriousness of being a part of online trolling and bullying.

This performance asks its audience to think about when it’s okay to have their opinion online. Using a simulated social media account, our audience watches a harmful situation play out and asks them where they think the BANTER stops and the BULLYING begins….

From the first like, to the last laughing emoji – Cyber Bullying is far too easy to become a part of.



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