Follow Me

Follow Me

An interactive Theatre in Education performance that explores the push/pull factors that can lead young people into extremism and radicalisation.

Follow Me explores the stories of three 16 year olds, each with a very different outlook on life…

Firstly we meet Amy; a very strong minded individual with a love for social media, who has no problem telling people what she thinks. As Amy gets  sucked further and further into the world of Facebook, Twitter and blogging she isolates everybody around her, especially those who do not share her views…

Then there’s Jay, an avid car enthusiast who struggles to find where he fits into society. With his family never paying him any attention and his disinterest  in  school becoming stronger, he looks elsewhere for 
acceptance and a sense of belonging…

And finally we meet Katie – a naive and vulnerable girl who is desperate to fit in with the popular crowd. She is so desperate to be liked that she is willing to go along with whatever anyone asks of her,
regardless of what that is… 

As Jay,  Katie and Amy’s stories progress, each faces an extreme moral dilemma that could change their lives forever. Which way will they turn?

Follow Me

Endorsed by Karen Lumley - MP for Redditch County.


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