“This isn’t Disneyland!?”

Raw Talent presents: "This isn't Disneyland!?"
Tuesday 27th March

A brand new production written and directed by Phil Hyde and Sami Cornick

It's Jamima's birthday and she wants nothing more than to take all her friends to 
Disneyland Paris...

However, when the group wake up and find out they are certainly not in 
Disneyland - kidnapping, adventures and  missing people become quite the 

Will the group ever get to Disneyland?
Will they make it there in one piece!? 
Have they really run into a group of savage cannibals!?

Get down to Clifton Road Youth Centre at 6:30pm on Tuesday 27th March to see
 our 7-11 group's fantastic show "This isn't Disneyland!?"

...and find out all the answers to these very strange questions.