Straight Talking for LGBT History Month

Straight Talking

Straight Talking is a theatrical educational project that focuses on eliminating homophobic bullying by getting straight to the chase- calling out the negative behaviors within schools that promote and foster negative and hateful behavior.

It isn’t always a conscious voice that pokes and prods at the LGBT community in acts of bullying, but often a voice of ignorance and fear. Straight Talking brings the message straight to its audience, letting them see in a dramatic and often comedic fashion, and therefore absorb and understand, the negative behaviors that propagate an environment of hate and stigmatism. Professional actors interact with young people in a direct and easily translated message, using dramatic interpretation and ‘straight talk’ to challenge homophobia.

With LGBT history month just around the corner, each and every education facility should take the opportunity to book Straight Talking and let their student population have the skills necessary to make the right decisions. Round Midnight  will present the facts, actions, and outcomes of providing a nurturing environment for not only LGBT students and teachers, but for all who have seen the damage hate can do and are willing to work toward recovery.

Learning to challenge homophobia, is a lesson as simple as opening our ears and watching for ourselves. Hate speech, bullying, and negative actions toward the LGBT community affect us all, and the more we know, the better off we’ll all be.