Spring forward…

Monday, Monday.

This week the Round Midnight office are preparing for the 7-11 RAW TALENT SHOW!! – “This isn’t Disneyland!?” 

There’s Tinkerbell costumes and Indian Cheif headdresses flying everywhere, so make sure you get down to Clifton Road Youth Centre at 6:30pm on Tuesday 27th March. Good luck Raw Talent!!!

In Handsworth on Saturday, Josie ran her last session on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Word has it there were some live news reports from the scene of Caesar’s death and some very up close and personal interviews with Caesar’s wife, Calpurnia, and best friend Anthony. Good job Handsworth Saturday school!

Battered – our Theatre in Education piece on underage drinking will be performed again in Yardley on Wednesday. As well as Be Safe, Play Safe – a piece about staying safe during the Easter holidays, which will be performed in Moseley on Friday.

NHS Management Training – in Stoke this week, the team will be looking at issues facing managers within the NHS and helping them to create their own solutions and embed learning through the use of forum theatre.

Finally, at a school in Selly Oak today – Phil and his Raw Talenteers will be performing Monkey Business – they have worked towards this show for 11 weeks and today is the day. So good luck Raw Talent, Selly Oak!