“Park It!” – a new program all about Road Safety

Last year we worked with St Mary's Catholic Primary School in Handsworth to pilot "Park It!" a fantastic drama, music and film project to promote road safety.  Over the course of a year, pupils from Reception to Year 6 worked to create a music video exploring the dangers on the road when walking to and from school, with a particular emphasis on parents driving and parking responsibly - which we know can be an issue for lots of schools in the UK. In many Birmingham Mail articles this year, Headteachers of Primary Schools across the city have voiced the dangers and "near-misses" that often occur outside their schools. One Headteacher explained:
"Parental parking has been known to regularly block driveways, obstruct double yellow lines and compromise the schools’ entrances. We have had reports of near misses when children and adults have narrowly escaped being run over". 

Another teacher noted: 

    “It has been bought to my attention that some parents, whilst dropping off or picking up their children, are parking in an unsafe and inappropriate manner and are causing annoyance to some of our neighbours,”
This is clearly a problem that many schools face and by raising awareness and educating young people on road safety, we feel this is a step in the right direction. After the success of our pilot, we're now contacting more Primary Schools across Birmingham to see if "Park It!" would be of interest. We can offer this as a week-long program, weekly sessions (for a term or half a term) or even for just one day! Your pupils will all have a chance to:
- Work on drama and performance skills
- Take part in song-writing sessions
- Sing and record their own composed song
- Story-board and plan a film
- Become a film crew
- Act in their very own music video!
Please take a look at our St Mary's "Park It!" music video below and get in touch if you would like to discuss booking this for your school! Prices will vary depending on the type of package that you'd like - we'd be happy to talk through the options with you.
Call us now on 0121 440 8188 or email us on info@roundmidnight.org.uk