Our brand new TIE performance is a hit!

Follow Me

Happy New Year!

Since getting back after a well deserved Christmas break, the new year has taken off to a flying start…

During our first week, Round Midnight went to George Salter Academy to deliver two different performances to year’s 7, 8 and 9. First up, our hugely successful theatre in education piece “Follow Me” – a program that explores extremism and radicalisation. Visit here for more details: 

“Round Midnight imparted knowledge and awareness of themes that are important for our young people. The delivery was fast-paced, engaging and our pupils could relate to the content that had been specially tailored to them.The pupil next door but one to me didn’t even move during the performance – he was hooked as soon as it began and sat in the same position the whole way through!”
L Cherrington – Geography teacher and tutor

Our second performance, “Cutting Ties” is a brand new theatre in education program that deals with the consequences of carrying a knife and knife crime. The story follows Mia, a young girl who has been caught in school carrying a knife and as a result, now faces permanent exclusion and criminal prosecution. But she insists there is more to the story…

The piece explores bullying, cyber bullying, the pressures young people face and why they feel the need to get involved in knife crime (self defense, gang culture) and what the consequences can be.
After three performances, it was clear that “Cutting Ties” was a hit! This is what the school had to say about it:
“We needed a bespoke piece on Knife crime.  Round Midnight listened to our needs and in two weeks wrote, edited(with our input), rehearsed and then presented a piece that had the students gripped.  They stayed in character for a superb and perceptive reflection session afterwards that fully involved the students who were exploring the issue in greater depth and with more perception than I could have imagined.”
B Elgar – Assistant Principal Pastoral
“[During the performance of “Cutting Ties”] I looked around at the back row and [saw that so] many were sat, elbows on knees, leaning forward, on the edge of their seats and so involved in watching what was being delivered. This said, I was sat near easily distracted (and not always easily engaged) Year 9 boys and you could have heard a pin drop they were so engrossed! Well done to Round Midnight for informative, contemporary delivery of some challenging themes!”
L Cherrington – Geography teacher and tutor
A new webpage for “Cutting Ties” will be available soon!
For more information about any of our Theatre in Education programs, and to book a performance for your school, call Round Midnight on 0121 440 8188 or email us at info@roundmidnight.org.uk