It’s TIE time!

Round Midnight will be flexing their T.I.E muscles over the next couple of weeks as we deliver an array of performances for a range of different ages!

Kicking off the week with two performances of “Straight Talking” for Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School in Bournville. The students we worked with were fantastic, engaged and very knowledgeable about equality, inclusion and anti-LGBT bullying. Year 8s of Dame Elizabeth Cadbury – you should be proud!

Up next on Friday we have our road safety performance; “Be Safe Play Safe”. This will be performed at The Oval primary school in Yardley. Having worked at this school a lot over the recent years we are looking forward to having a fun, yet safe time informing them of the safest ways to spend their summer whilst still having a good time.

And finally – next week we will performing Round Midnight’s newest T.I.E performance, “Follow Me” at Plantsbrook School in Sutton Coldfield. “Follow Me” is a piece that looks at extreme behaviour and the dangers of extreme situations and influence that young people may find themselves in, all taking a look at how to avoid them all together.

So a busy couple of weeks… We’ll keep you posted!