It’s Friday!

Hello all!

Just a quick one before you all pop off to have a lovely weekend, we thought we’d update you on what’s going on here at Round Midnight.

Firstly, at 2:30pm today, Josie, Sami and Phil will be running an audition workshop for Birmingham based freelance arts workers, at mac birmingham. The workshop will last two hours and we’re on the scout for the best of Birmingham! If you’d be interested in coming along and showing us what you’ve got, give us a quick call and we’ll tell you more!

The launch of our second year at Edmund Campion went swimmingly on Wednesday. We facilitate drama, singing, film and visual art classes every Wednesday at the school for years 7 – 10 and we’re very excited for the conclusion of this term’s activities – a full scale original musical! Stay in touch to find out when and where.

We’re still very much in progress of a tour of our TIE piece – “Straight Talking”. If your school or community centre is taking a look at LGBT issues and homophobic bulling this piece (with its follow on workshop) is perfect for you. Have a look at our TIE page for more info on “Straight Talking”.

That’s some of what’s going on here – keep in touch for upcoming news and projects!