Easter Master Classes for Primary and Secondary School

 Round Midnight have created a number of master classes to enrich the learning of primary and secondary school pupils.
The master classes can be used as a booster for students prior to their 11+ exam, GCSE’s or end of year exams.
We have created these master classes as a fun, new and creative way of looking at the curriculum.
The master classes can include students working below their target grades, or as a treat for your gifted and talented students. We can accommodate up to 30 students per day and the pupils are guaranteed to come away from the master class with a new insight and enthusiasm into their topic.
We have a number of master classes already prepared or we can create one specifically for a class or topic of your choice.
The programs are designed to run for one full school day, in your school at £12 per student. There must be a minimum of 12 students for the day to run – and the fee can be subsidised by the school at its discretion.
We are currently offering master classes covering:
Super Science
Loving Literacy
Off the Page
Knights and Castles
The Mystery of History
Anti-Bullying “Get out my Facebook!” and “What you laughing at?”
Shakespeare for English or Drama
Devising for GCSE Drama Module
Contextualising script for Drama or English
English Literature and Language
Poetry Modules including WWI
…And of course any other module you would like a master class in.
If you’d like to book your school in for a day during the Easter Holidays please do get in touch for more information.