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What is LINK_UP?

LINK-UP is a new digital platform to “bring people together, to learn together”, at a distance, in a shared experience format, to encourage young people to think for themselves. LINK-UP is a unique engagement tool that combines interactive virtual reality drama with Personal Social & Health Education (PSHE) in schools.

By developing a new digital format whereby young people watch a film/animation and interact with a live avatar, they are able to explore a topic interactively, whether this be in their classrooms or from the comfort of their own homes.

Live Facilitation

Unlike other theatre based digital projects, LINK_UP involves live facilitation and a high level of interactivity.


Unlike other remote digital platforms, LINK_UP is designed to be interactive so that participants can engage with important PSHE topics.

PSHE Specific

LINK_UP is a platform designed to open up virtual discussions about tough subject matters in the PSHE curriculum. 


LINK_UP will help PSHE educators to adapt to a changing climate. This digital platform allows participants to engage with PSHE topics both at home, and at school.


We are currently in the Research and Development phase of this project. We welcome discussions with educators to discuss topics and approaches to ensure LINK_UP’s relevancy. 

What is next?

We are excited about the future of LINK_UP and hope to make this platform available by December. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting new venture. 

Combining Theatre with Technology to support PSHE Educators


We are currently running consultations with schools to help us in our research for LINK_UP. We are thankful for the educators and pupils who have supported us in our research phases. Without this support, we wouldn’t be able to conduct our research so thoroughly. 

In our research we have so far reached over 100 young people via:

  • Virtual Consultations
  • 1 to 1 teacher-led interviews
  • Socially Distanced Consultations
  • Teacher-Led Consultations
"We were honored to be involved in supporting the development of an online platform that will help to support not just our students but all young people. The students have enjoyed being apart of the research process and have also commented how they can see the benefits of being able to access this type of platform."
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Mr Mills
Heath Park School
"It’s been a really enlightening experience to speak to the students in a capacity we don’t usually have time for, about how they have spent their time, and has given an insight into how they have grown in their moral and mental well-being during lockdown."
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Mrs Pound
Colton Hills
"These specific and targeted questions encouraged children to not only evaluate the importance of the PSHE curriculum, how it relates to their education and how they would like it delivered, but also encouraged them to think about the importance that this programme has within their personal lives and how it could be applied as they continue to grow and develop during young adulthood."
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Mr Smith
Head of Year at Hamstead Hall Academy in Handsworth

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