Keep It Between Us

Keep It Between Us is an interactive Theatre in Education program that educates young people on the facts, and dispels the myths of sexual health.

Chlamydia is the most commonly diagnosed STI in England and statistics show that the number of diagnosis' is rising. However, myths continue to surround it and young people can have common misconceptions of what it means to have an STI.

This performance and follow on workshop focuses on a young couple who discuss their opinions on the matter and voice concerns for a friend who has recently been tested positive for an STI.

The couple discuss what STIs are, how they are contracted, the symptoms. and how they are treated. They also talk about contraception and question the myths that are often mistaken as facts. The audience then take part in a half an hour workshop where they are encouraged to ask questions and explore the issues surrounding sexual health.

Round Midnight make sure that each school receives correct and up-to-date information about sexual health and often direct young people to for further details. Umbrella provide free and confidential sexual health services in Birmingham and Solihull, including all types of contraception and STI testing and treatment.

For more information or to book a performance for your school please contact us on 0121 440 8188 or email us at Alternatively, fill out the form on this page and we'll get back to you.

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