I Want To Be

Commissioned by the Princes Trust, this TIE piece follows the story of Hannah; a young girl who leaves school confused about which path to take. After some reflection she realises that the decisions she made at school were not well thought out and she finds she has the chance to go back and change it for the better.

This piece explores the importance of school and further education, and how anything is achievable with hard work. I Want To Be is the perfect program for students who are choosing their options, GCSE students and A-Level students. 

The piece allows the young people to reflect on their own journey through school and how each decision they make may affect the rest of their lives. It covers behaviour in lessons, exams, pressure from parents and teachers, finding a work/social balance, work experience and job interviews.

For more information or to book a performance for your school please contact us on 0121 440 8188 or email us at info@roundmidnight.org.uk. Alternatively, fill in the form on this page and we'll get back to you.

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