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A 30 minute TIE performance that puts a STOP to homophobic bullying in schools

The performance… 

“Meet Andy and Dan, best mates since they were 3 years old. They do everything together. They’re exactly the same… But there is one little thing that Andy has been meaning to tell Dan for quite some time.”

You are invited to follow our two best friends on their journey through a huge change in their friendship, form your own opinions on their story and explore the opinions of others. Take a look at the preconceptions and prejudices and educate yourself on the myths and stereotypes that LGBT young people have to face. This is a 30 minute performance with various follow on workshops.

OFSTED Requirements… 

Straight Talking is compliant with OFSTED’s Section 5 – Exploring the school’s actions to prevent and tackle homophobic bullying. 

Support and Endorsements… 

Elly Barnes (LGBT Schools Advisor for Birmingham City Council and Number One on The Independent’s 2011 “Pink List”) – Elly has worked closely with Round Midnight to develop the exploratory workshops and follow on material. 

Councillor Stephen Hughes (Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council) 

Sally Taylor (Birmingham Council service for Education and Commissioning) 

Liam Nolan (Executive Headteacher, Perry Beeches) 

“The issues around acceptance, support and friendship were tackled in a sensitive and simple way in the production ‘Straight Talking’ by Round Midnight Ltd. This superb theatre company performed their thirty minute show and held discussions with every single year group at Perry Beeches for a whole day. Students felt comfortable to engage with the actors and respond to the issues it raised about friends who ‘come out’ or know about young people being gay. The story they tell using simple theatre was accessible to all 11 – 16 year olds. It really challenged and moved our whole school’s discussions further forward at a faster pace in a non-threatening, fun, story- based drama. I would recommend this production and this theatre company to every school”. Nolan. L. 2013 


Why all schools require Round Midnight’s “Straight Talking”… 

Puts a stop to homophobic bullying in your school!

Hits Ofsted requirements 

Dispels preconceptions and prejudice towards LGBT people 

Competitive prices (most affordable T.I.E. company in Birmingham) 

Round Midnight are currently the only T.I.E. company in the Midlands that offer a performance that tackles homophobic bullying

An uncomplicated and funny performance

Accessible and engaging for young people

Please call us on 0121 440 8188 to book your performance! 

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