Monday 16th November sees the start of this year’s Anti Bully Week! We have two fantastic performances on offer to celebrate.
We’re also offering multiple bookings of these two shows at a discounted rate!
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“Straight Talking” is a Theatre in Education piece that puts a stop to homophobic, biphobic and transphobic language and bullying in schools, and is suitable for ages 11-18. We have performed this in and around Birmingham for the past three years and it is hugely successful. The 30 minute comedy performance is followed by an interactive and exploratory workshop to dispel preconceptions and prejudice against LGBT people. It is a hugely important piece that should be seen by all young people and has recently been endorsed by Denise Welch (Loose Women, Waterloo Road).
We are also offering our newest performance – “Follow Me – Tackling Extreme behaviour in young people’s society” – a hugely relevant topic in light of yesterdays news! 
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“Follow Me” is another of our Theatre in Education performances that looks at extreme behaviour in young people’s society. The 45 minute performance and follow on interactive workshop (suitable for ages 11-18) equips young people with the knowledge, understanding and awareness of push/pull factors and radicalisation. This program, particularly with what is in the news at the moment, is needed in schools and colleges more than ever.

So get in touch now to book these shows for your school!