We are offering our top four Theatre in Education
pieces on a two week only repertoire from the 
Monday 11th May – Friday 15th May and Monday 18th May – Friday 22nd May
We are offering these pieces as one off performances but at our special touring price, so you’re getting a bargain! We’ve also included Follow Me – our brand new TIE piece that hits latest OFSTED requirements to address
Extremist behaviour in young peoples’ society.
Get in touch if you would like to book any of these performances.
Give us a call on 0121 440 8188 or email us at info@roundmidnight.org uk

Follow Me  page logo

An interactive Theatre in Education performance that 
looks at Extremism in young people’s society. 
Follow Me” looks at the individual stories of three 
16 year old’s, each with a very different outlook on life. 
Follow Me” equips young people with the knowledge, 
understanding and awareness of life and society and 
uses these skills to explore the push/pull factors that 
can affect young people’s decisions and lead them to 
extremist thoughts and actions. Follow Me inspires its 
audience to act rationally with informed and educated 
language and opinions.

Keep it between us page logo

As Chlamydia is on the increase and myths continue 
to surround it, this piece focuses on a young couple 
who discuss their opinions on the matter and voice 
concerns for a friend who has recently been tested 
positive for the STI.

Straight talking home page logo best

Our number one best selling TIE performance! 
Straight Talking addresses stereotypes and 
preconceptions towards LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, 
Transgender) people. This piece has been endorsed 
by Elly Barnes – LGBT Schools Advisor for Birmingham 
City Council and Number One on The Independent’s 
2011 “Pink List”, Sue Sanders, Schools Out and 
Loose Women’s Denise Welch! 

Battered page logo

Consequences of underage drinking This performance 
follows 3 bored, teenagers. It’s Friday night and after 
ruling out the cinema or hanging out at home they 
decide to go to the park with a big bottle of booze and 
every intention of getting “battered”. As the friends 
get more intoxicated, thinking rationally goes out of 
the window. What will be the consequences of their 
actions?   This piece explores peer pressure, risk 
taking behaviour, vandalism, aggressive behaviour,
underage sex and binge drinking.